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The first of its kind Whole Person Wellness Platform

Solving for the Health Crisis


annual cost for treating

chronic disease in the U.S.

7 in 10

experience stress that 

affects their health

7 in 10

deaths are due to 

chronic disease

1 in 2

have family or friends 

addicted to drugs

1 in 2

people take 

5 or more prescriptions


There is NO single platform that brings together solutions that treat the Body, Mind and Spirit as one.


HIVE is bringing together the best scientifically-validated offerings via a single platform. HIVE’s offerings are being purposely designed to enable Whole Person Wellness, and, by doing so, a more complete relationship between the patient and his/her healthcare providers.

Whole Person Wellness utilizes the best of both conventional and alternative approaches to support the body's innate ability to heal.  

Healthcare Providers

  • A Platform to Enable Treating the Whole Person While Enhancing Revenue for Your Practice
  • Clinical Tools Such as Individualized Protocols and Patient Progress/Adherence/Feedback
  • Educational Courses to Enhance Clinical and Practice Performance 
  • HIVE Community & Peer Support
  • Machine Learning Continually Improves Protocols


  • Work with your Healthcare Provider to Build a More Comprehensive Care Plan
  • Access to Vetted Products, Services and Education
  • Access to Coaching and Educational Content
  • Track and Automatically Report Progress Back to Your Healthcare Provider
  • Simple and Easy to Use from any Device
  • Secure and HIPAA Compliant

How We Make Money

  • Subscription Fees
  • Transaction Management Fees
  • Wholesale Revenue from One Biosciences Products and 3rd-Party Products and Services
  • Educational Curriculum

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